Traditional Burials

Our office staff will help you prepare and organise everything you need for a traditional burial, thoroughly working out every step and every detail to ensure sending off your loved one on their last journey with honour and dignity.

Organising a funeral

Medical report

A medical report on the cause of death must be obtained from the emergency medical services or a family doctor.



Contact us for transporting the deceased to the morgue

Order the transportation
Transportation to the morgue



After transporting the deceased to the mortuary, we will begin the processing of the necessary documents. In order for us to begin the process of preparing documents for organising the funeral, it is required to sign a power of attorney.

List of documents
List of documents for Traditional burials and cremation

Ceremony organisation

We will make the arrangements on the date and time of the funeral ceremony (in the chapel).

We will offer you to choose from a wide range of funeral accessories– coffins, crosses, wreaths.

We will make the arrangements for a priest or leader of the farewell ceremony

We will coordinate the digging of the grave

We will provide transportation of the deceased

Funeral agency - AngelAB

We will arrange personnel to carry the coffin

We will provide sanitary services and prepare the deceased for the funeral

The farewell ceremony as an event full of light in your memory

Quality of work and reviews

Our funeral home will always provide you with funeral services with great care and respect.

We always strive to provide the highest quality of work so that our customers feel supported and well-informed about the details of the process, entrusting us with this important responsibility – to accompany their loved ones on their final journey with dignity and respect.

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